Going In Deep with Damian Saint for SPF 2019

Every year the highlight of the W Bali calendar is undoubtedly their flagship event the SPF party. It’s when they move everything upstairs from the Woobar onto the deck for a huge gathering of the islands movers and shakers with international DJ’s and all the regular W Bali residents roster!

This year however there is one major difference to years gone by, this time the infamous ‘VIP Barrier’ will no longer be used which means the music lovers and fans of the hugely popular ANJA SCHNEIDER and the highly anticipated incredible live set from ELEKFANTZ will be able to get up close and create the atmosphere worthy of such a line up and a significant event!

We managed to pin down the music maestro, barrier destroying main man Damian Saint to ask him about this years SPF party and the intricacies of curating such a high level event….

Check out what went down on last year's SPF!

Could you tell us about all about SPF? How long has it been going on and whats the background behind this event?

SPF is W Bali’s annual summer/high season launch party. It’s been running for the last 8 years now and we’ve hosted headliners such as Cassius, Dubfire, Miss Kittin, Sébastien Léger, Derrick Carter and more..
How do you come up with the line up? Could you give us some insight into the headliners and support acts and what each will bring to the party on 27th July?

It's never been easy curating the line up for SPF as Bali’s high season runs parallel with Ibiza season making artist availability quite thin but after a handful of panic attacks, conversations with industry friends and following my gut..I get it done. Music trends change so quickly you need to keep your finger/ears on the pulse of what will work. 

Here's the mighty Elekfantz in action at San Paolo, Brazil!

The amazing Anya Schnieder 

What can guests expect from this years SPF compared to years gone by?

This year for SPF we’ll be stepping into part 2 of our Mixmag collaboration and hosting headliners Elekfantz with their live show from Brazil and lady legend Anja Schneider as the main headliner. It’s going to be huge….and there’s no barrier separating the front near the stage and the people. There’s a high chance of this being the best SPF event yet and you’ll be able to watch it back on Mixmag’s youtube channel.

As a promotor and music director, what would you consider are the key aspects of a "successful" event? Do you think you'll achieve it with SPF 2019?

Obviously everybody enjoying the event as a whole. Sonically, visually in a safe environment then going home and wanting to come back for more.

Sum up SPF 2019 in 3 words or less!