It’s such an honour for us to have the chance to do something with Mr. Scruff as he is a long standing favourite in the Secret Bali Life office. A genuine master of his craft Scruff is one of the most musically knowledgeable artists on the circuit which is why he has always been synonymous with extended sets of 6 hours and more.

Anyone who was lucky enough to witness Scruff in his last visit to Bali and Potato Head Beach Club will remember the number of ‘heads’ who turned out and queued round the block to squeeze into the intimate upstairs space that used to host events above the lawn and lucky is definitely the correct adjective as the night went down in Balinese club land folklore as one of those classic ‘Were you there?’ moments.

Scruff is renowned for his attention to detail, whether its with the way he weaves his musical magic or the way in which his famous animations work so perfectly with the set keeping people tapping their toes for the duration of his extended sets.

I can honestly say that if I had to pick two masters of the extended set one would be Laurent Garnier and the other would be Mr Scruff.

So when it came to choosing the feature it was a no brainer really, it had to be an Inspirations series and Scruff has gone with a Bali-centric selection as you will see for yourself in the selection below. Enjoy, immerse get the kettle on and pour yourself out a nice cup of tea (some of you will know, others will find out!) and make sure you get yourself down to Potato Head on Monday 8th April for a very special set indeed!!! 

Neal Morris & Charlie Everidge - Wave the Ocean, Wave the Sea
Timbo, Arkansas, 1959.. Field recording legend Alan Lomax set up some equipment in his motel room to record Folk singer & guitarist Neal Morris, accompanied by his neighbour Charlie Etheridge on Mouth-Bow. A raw and charming little song of longing that sounds perfect while looking out to sea.

E Koestyara and Group Gapura - Baramaen

One of my favourite Sundanese records, this catchy Sangkala style album from 1985 was quite successful at the time, and given the amount of modern classical and electronic artists who were and are influenced by the many styles of Gamelan music, still sounds inventive and vital to this day. 

Allen Toussaint - Night People

New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint with a down-home slice of slo-mo disco. One of my favourite tunes to play when people are feeling ready to dance after the sun goes down.

The Pipe - Wade in the Water

Killer latin-rock version of the evergreen Spritual. There are so many amazing versions of this song, but this is one of the most original and danceable.

Eberhard Schoener - Ketjak Rock 

The German composer and musician travelled to Bali in 1975 for this experimental album ‘Bali-Agung', adding drums, guitar & electronics to the music of the Gamelan Orchestra Of Saba and Pinda Of Agúng Raka. On this tune, fast, heavy drums, Ketjak/Kecac chants & rippling electronics duel in a kid of rattly, hight speed chase that almost falls apart at times.

Thanks, Mr. Scruff! See you on the dance floor!!!