Bali will play host to dance music royalty this upcoming New Years Eve as Chris Clayton aka Karizma spins his way into SugarSand’s first NYE event.  

For those not in the know, the Baltimorean Karizma is considered as a pioneer of the CDJ, utilizing digital decks to concoct imaginative and spirited sets. He’s versatile enough to dabble in a variety of genres (he attributed this to living in Baltimore where he’s got to play a bit of everything) but  jazz and soul infiused house music is his mainstay. The highlights of his career for us were his first solo album, A Mind of its Own (2012), his classic Twysted, as well as 2013’s double pack LP/CD entitled Karizma Wall of Sound that features collaborations with Osunlade, Rokaz, and Sean McCabe

Prior to his set in SugarSand, we’ve asked Karizma to list the top 5 songs that get him going after all these years. Check it out it’s a super slick selection!

Karizma - The Ride

A very special track that was made the day my Grandmother passed away…I needed to get away mentally and it was my therapy for grief.

Wood Brass & Steel - Funkanova (Kon Remix)

One of my favorite Disco Tunes as the changes and arrangements are to die for, Kon’s version is the one for me.

Karizma - Work it out 

I'm a producer who does music based mostly on emotions I feel or I feel from other people..This track is my childhood simply put and im glad it gave other people the joy it gave to me.

J Dilla - Workinonit

I wish I could list all of his stuff, he definitely redefined what a producer could do with a mic and 30 seconds. Here he reworks 10cc Worst Band In The World…Respect !

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - The Message (TBG Remix)

I love when people redefine what a remix is supposed to be, Tall Black Guy really stepped up to the plate and inspired me with this great remix of a song still relevant today


 Thank you, Karizma! We sure can't wait to see you on New Years Eve!