We’re sensing a sweet musical rendezvous is in the offing at SugarSand’s highly-anticipated second chapter of SOULAXIS... 

On hand to blast off the sophomore event is SugarSand music director, the inimitable DJ LADY FLiC, who will bring her usual eclectic selection of crafted cuts to warm up the dance floor before supercool international guest DJ LEFTO arrives to further jazz up the night. The Belgian DJ has been known for his love of bass driven tracks but he’s versatile enough to infuse his sets with any genre-defying beats ranging from hip-hop, funk, breaks, soul, and African rhythms!

Naturally, we can’t wait for what they have in store for December 28th! In the meantime, to give us a sneak peek of their musical DNA, press play below to hear Lady FLiC  and Lefto’s inspiration selections.


Tragic Error - Tanzen
This was pretty much one of the first records I bought as a kid; the entire country was into this new wave of music we would call New Beat, it was kind of pre-Techno and the genre was born in Belgium. It was not only music but it was a way of life and definitely a way of dress, see it as a get away from random lifestyle.

Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One
When we moved to the countryside for a few years, I realised there was a new genre out there, they would call it Bonzai music, it didn’t come from Japan, it was also from our region and was a fast rhythm, fast techno. It really went off in the clubs as well, and everybody was wearing the Bonzai logo jackets and the cars had big Bonzai logo stickers on the back window. Very interesting times.

Ahmad Jamal - The Awakening (Full LP)
Ahmad the pianist has always been an inspiration ever since most rappers sampled from his music to make classic hip hop tunes. Artists like Nas would rap over beats sampling out of this specific record. It is still a sought after record for all old school hip hop producers and is definitely a must have. 

Smif N Wessun - ‘Hellucination’
My father had just bought me my first turntable, it was still in the trunk of the car when I bought this record, the double LP Dah Shinin’ on Nervous Records. That song used a sample of Minnie Riperton’s song called “Only When I’m Dreaming”. This record from Smif N Wessun is without a doubt one of my all time favorite rap records.

Larry Heard - On My Way
One of my favorite Larry Heard songs, one for the plane or one for the car, it doesn’t matter as this tune always sets me in a certain peaceful mood, like leaving everything behind. Chicago’s finest dropped so many instant classics that it’s hard to leave him out of my top tracks. It is deep house at its finest, thank you Mr Fingers.


LADY FLiC has very kindly chosen a hot-pot of New Zealand inspired tracks for her selection as it is her homeland and also the home of some quality music as you will be able to hear for yourself from her choices below!! 

Avantdale Bowling Club - Years Gone By
Avantdale Bowling Club successfully took hip hop-jazz fusion to new levels and this track is taken from one of my favourite albums of the year.

Troy Kingi and the Galactic Chiropractors - Aztechknowledgey
This is a song from Troy's album 'Shake That Skinny Ass All The Way To Zygertron'. SAY NO MORE!

Julien Dyne - Design
Just one kick ass track off a dope, beautifully layered and textured dancefloor album. Enough said.

Louis Baker - Black Crow
Timeless soulful business from one of my favourite artists worldwide, Louis Baker. And not to mention it's a sweet video too.

SORRENTO - Look Up feat. Troy Kingi
Proper party starter from the bass queen herself, Marika Hodgson.

What an amazing selection from Flic and Lefto! Don't forget to catch them playing at SugarSand's SOULAXIS on December 28th from 9PM - 3AM!