For most DJs, deciding which track they’ll be spinning exactly at midnight on New Years Eve can pose a huge dilemma. For sure, nobody wants to pull a downer when the mood should be at an all time high! Rest assured, these 5 Bali based island favorite DJs we’ve chatted to have got it covered and they are giving us a sneak peek on which record they may well be spinning to best embrace the New Year.

So here is a selection of some Midnight Marauders… which ones will get YOU in the mood to see in the new year with a big bang!


One of the original and best loved members of the Bali DJ community, Paul is a Potato Head resident and also the musical maestro behind the soundscape at Bali’s favourite speakeasy!

Chic - Everybody Dance


A DJ, a musician and never afraid to experiment with fusion bands and projects Martin is most closely associated with KUDETA and is a true musician in every sense of the word.

Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Camelphat Remix)


Andy is one of the most underrated DJ’s on the island but thankfully has not gone unnoticed by the major venues in Bali, he spends most his time behind the decks between Jenja and OMNIA… testament to the man himself and his genuine skills as a professional DJ.

Simao - Falcon 9


Flying the Indonesian flag Dea is a local legend, the man behind Studio Eksotika who often travels the world sharing his incredible collection of obscure and wonderful worldwide beats that have seen him gain genuine international recognition.

Furniture - Why Are We In Love


The music director at the new kid on the beach-club block, SugarSand, LADY FLiC takes her music very seriously indeed and is equally synonymous with creating good vibes wherever she goes. 

Karizma - Work It Out

Cool picks, guys! 2019 bring it on!