Inspiration Series With Waajeed

This weekend one of the smartest bookings on the island comes to town in the Detroit based WAAJEED. From his Hip-Hop roots he morphed into a deeper electronic sound managing to produce dark and soulful beats with ease getting the attention of icons of his genre such as Mad Mike of Underground Resistance, Carl Craig, Amp Fiddler and Theo Parrish.

We asked the main man to give us some music that inspires him and he chose to pick tracks that inspired him to create his latest creation the FROM THE DIRT LP. It’s a varied and interesting selection with some great breakdowns from the man himself as to why each track made the cut.

If you enjoy this selection then be sure to check him out on Saturday 17th November at SUGARSAND where he will be headlining at the first of their new indoor late night happenings!

Bjork - Human Behavior
One late night in New York, My homie (Geology) was DJing at a secret underground bar in Manhattan. I went to see him but the door guy was giving me grief. He refused to let me in. I was pissed off! While stand there, this woman ran up the stairs screaming. She almost knocked me to the pavement. Everyone was startled as she ran down the street. I turned to the door guy and he said with complete calm, "Oh, That's just Bjork. She always does that". "There's definitely no logic to human behavior" as her 1993 hit says so perfectly. "Human Behavior" played an inspiration for, "From the Dirt" in a major way. It taught me that the unorthodox will always prevail. It sounded like no other during the time of it's release and still doesn't. Her vocal style with deeply unique production was a winning combination. Bjork is welcomed to push me down in front of any club anytime.

Paris - This Is a Test
Paris - Poet, Revolutionary and Activist. A huge influence of mine since I heard, "This Is A Test".  As a teen I had a navy blue 85 Oldsmobile. It was clean on the outside but had a shitty radio with shitter speakers. When I played this track, I could see myself driving thru Oakland, California. The birthplace of the Black Panther Party and where this track was recorded. The sinister baseline and lyrics were a part of the inspiration for, "Power In Numbers". I couldn't have imagined I'd be provoked by Trump's administration to combine a baseline driven track with funky techno beats.

Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here
I worked with my homie DeSean Jones on this one. I did a demo version of the track and took it to his studio to see what ideas he could add. His flow and chops felt like my third inspiration, "We Like It Here" by Snarky Puppy. Great musician ship over repetitive grooves is a match made in heaven. The call and response of the instruments are a conversation from a native tongue. Delicious for listeners and dancers alike. Cory Henry's solo.... Well....See for yourself.

Love Hangover - Diana Ross
The intro string section played a big part in how I made, "Too Afraid". It was the last day in the studio and I needed some drama for the first record I'd play during my live and DJ sets. This track helped me decide how to do it. Nile Rodgers production is a no brainer. He wrote Diana's entire album as a guitar played would. A unique standpoint for a keyboardist or drummer. Classic material.

The Line - D'Angelo 
I've felt these lyrics my entire career. For better or worse I've wrote my own rules. Did things how I've wanted. D'Angelo worded and sang it. I was at Electric Lady when this song was being mixed. The tone and feel of this track can't be duplicated. However, I did my best to steal and reapply everything I saw Russ Elevado do during my time there. This defiance of writing your own rules and standing by them is the sum of, "From the Dirt" entirely.

Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational tracks, good luck with the tour and see you at SugarSand!