Going In Deep With Hard Rock Cafe's 25th anniversary with Roni Size


This is a momentous gig if ever there was one for a number of reasons. First of all the venue itself. In the extremely competitive climate for music venues and events that is Bali, reaching the quarter century mark is truly something to celebrate.

The calibre of the musicians who have played a part in the Hard Rock Café Bali journey is remarkable from both Indonesia and beyond. Indonesian icons and legends such as Navicula, Barasuara, Burgerkill, Superman Is Dead, Gugun Blues Shelter, Slank, Glenn Fredly, Maliq & the Essentials, Kahitna, Padi, Yovi & the Nunos. International stage such as Kool & the Gang, Earth,Wind & Fire, Arrested Development, Incognito, Armin van Buuren, Tommy Lee, Hoobastank, Bring me the Horizon, Temper Trap, Marky Ramone and Sepultura.

For their 25th Anniversary Hard Rock Café Bali have surprised us with not one gig but TWO, one doing what they do best with one of the biggest Indonesial live acts out there in Andra & the Backbone which took place earlier in the month of October and now this Sunday an Electronic celebration with one of the most iconic names in the game… RONI SIZE!


Wow… this guy is everything that is great about electronic music. A pioneer, a man who has been at the top of his game as a musician, producer, DJ and label boss for about the same time that Hard Rock Café has been in operation.

Hot on the heels of the iconic Timeless album by Goldie in 1995 Roni went a step further in 1997 and put together a collective called REPRAZENT and released one of the most talked about albums of the golden era of British contemporary music in 1997… NEW FORMS

This album gave D’n’B a whole new level of soul that took the world, not just the UK by storm winning what was at that time a hugely coveted Mercury Music Prize, generally given to the best album of the year from the world of contemporary music. This was then followed up a few years later with a second offering, In The Mode which whilst it was not as ground breaking was still considerd a masterpiece with several guest cameos including METHOD MAN and ZACK DE LA ROCHA of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE fame.

Then as if his position as a master of his musical craft was not already cemented in 2009 Reprazent came together once more to perform alongside an Orchestra and a choir to celebrate the re-opening of Colsten Hall in his hometown of Bristol.

Check out some examples of the classic and wonderful beats from the man himself here and make sure you get yourself a ticket for what promises to be a very Super Sunday! Alterntively why not ENTER OUR COMPEITITON AND WIN YOURSELF A PAIR OF TICKETS AND A PREMIUM BOTTLE


From Reprazents debut album this track brought the art of mc’ing to the masses with a ground breaking track

One of the most soulful D’n’B tracks ever produced

An example of what can result from two legends working in the studio together

One of the most iconic D’n’B tracks of all time for the true heads