Inspiration Series With...DJ Quantic

has been at the forefront of the alternative music scene in the UK for pretty much the entire millennium. He has worked under various guises and monikers dependent on the project he is consumed by including the supremely popular Quantic Soul Orchestra.

This man can play more instruments than there are beach clubs in Bali, which mean the guy is a serious fucking musician basically and definitely knows his music so it was a no brainer when we had to decide on the best feature for the man ahead of his highly anticipated set at Waterbom on Saturday 27th October where you can expect a fluid mix-up of soul, funk, latin and world beats with a funky spine straight through the middle of it all.... be ready to dance... and dance... and dance!

Park Jiha - Communion
This is a minimal take on slowly moving arpeggios with a traditional Korean oboe, vibes and clarinet, very soothing. 

Charm Taylor - Green Acres
Sinking City Records out of New Orleans release some great records and the Charm Taylor record is great.

Dominick Martin - Easy Living
Been playing his drum and bass work for years as Calibre but this new record features big band piano sounds, great for the dancefloor.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - To Follow & Lead
I recently performed in Baltimore at an amazing festival called Opus and got to see Kaitlyn perform live and was amazed by the sound of her show, modular synth patterns meet nature sounds and beautiful melodies.

Neneh Cherry - Kong
Like a King Tubby rhythm for 2018, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of Neneh Cherry’s new record. 

Thanks for the nice selection. Surely it will be on our heavy rotation too!