Inspiration Series With...CC:DISCO!

CC: DISCO! aka Courtney Clarke is one of the hottest properties on the Australian circuit and justifiably so. With heron radio show at the tender age of 15 she is now the go to slot on a Friday night for kickstarting the weekend with the finest cuts from disco from the heady 70’s era all the way through to contemporary edits.

Renowned for making sure any dance floor she is given to play with is the happiest place on the planet she is the perfect choice for the paradise island of Bali and her debut on the deck at Potato Head Beach Club.

Courtney has very kindly taken a break from touring Australia and headlining festivals to do us a very special Inspirations selection called ‘Poolside Jams’ the perfect warm up for your Friday afternoon warm up session ahead of her set on the deck on Friday night!

Gene Dunlap - Party In Me
This reminds me I need to buy another copy as I've worn this record out so much but the intro to this is soooo sweeet, pure sunshine. This is one of those tunes thats perfect for by the pool with a big glass of vodka and pineapple. 

Tobos Project - Feel
This is permanently in my phone and the CD is always in my car. But to enjoy this song at its highest potential you need to experience by the pool and with the Dj pitching it up a bit. Incredible tune from japan in the late 80's 

Outkast - Prototype 
One of my all time fav songs but I only recently heard someone play it out and that was the designer Virgil Abloh by a pool in Marrakech. It was the sweetest moment ever, all of us dancing under the stars by the pool at 3.30am ... was one of the moments you were thinking.. damm how good is life.  

Lew Kirton - Don't wanna wait
I'm a real sucker for 80's boogie and this one is another from that era. Sweet vocals , ever sweeter synth work... time to lay on a lilo for this one and sway....

Gary Taylor - Just Gets Better With Time
I basically bought this record so I could rip and keep it in my phone at all times. AOR is another obsession for me... some might call it dad rock , cheese whatever you wanna call it . This one has the sweetest vocals and in my eyes much better that the whispers version that he wrote this song fir originally. There's nothing like listening a to good love song by the pool is there????

Thanks, Courtney! We really enjoyed your selection!!