Inspiration Series With...Mark Doyle

This week we managed to pin down one of the hardest working people in the industry in Mark Doyle. Mark has been a pivotal and much valued member of the house music community since 1988 and was synonymous with the birth of one of the most popular and loved brands in the game in the last 30 years… HED KANDI

Under Mark’s eagle eye Hed Kandi sold millions of albums worldwide and spearheaded club nights and radio shows. In his time Mark has been a DJ, radio presenter, A&R spotting new talent as well as showing a natural born talent for marketing. 

After the Hed Kandi era, and via a couple of other side projects Mark went on to launch his latest brand Fierce Angel which again went on to release compilations, tracks and front some more incredible parties around the globe and last year celebrated its 10th year, another substantial achievement for Mark. 

Therefore with someone who clearly works so hard and has put out so much incredible music it did not really come as a surprise when ‘Mark advised us that he had struggled to whittle his inspirations list down to 5 instead of which he offered us more tracks than the usual 5 that have inspired him to work as hard as he has for so many years… enjoy!

"Originally I was asked for 5 tracks that influenced my life as you see that’s proved reasonably impossible. 30 years of DJ'ing has given me so many amazing musical moments I thought I needed to stretch it to more than the usual 5!"

And here's his selections...

Joe Smooth - Promised Land
Quite simply one of the best timeless house anthems that still sounds perfect today. I first started DJ'ing in 1988 and this still gets played regularly at our gigs. It sums up my musical style perfectly excellent production and a truly uplifting vocal.

Solu Music - Fade
 One of the most important tracks from my time at Hed Kandi. I spent two years trying to obtain an exclusive license from the U.S owners Wave and by the time it was ready for release I had left Hed Kandi. It went on to be a huge hit but this remix by the legendary Eric Kupper was never fully released, I still think its one of the best versions.

Bonnie Bailey - Ever After
Another equally important track this featured on an early Beach House album and was instantly huge. We’ve recently released the entire back catalogue of Bonnie’s tracks on two albums. I’ve finally had the chance to remix the track under our “Fierce Collective” identity and it’s released in October.

Peyton – A Higher Place  
Originally submitted as a very rough vocal track I called up Eric Kupper to remix this and it became a gospel house anthem. Yet another perfect house record with an uplifting vocal. Peyton is still going strong and has just released a new album.  

Late Night Alumni – Empty Streets  
This is another record with a long history, originally featured on a Beach House album submitted by a then very unknown producer called Ryan Radden, we released it as a full single with an album by the same group. Ryan is much better known now as Kaskade and why this record has never been a major hit is completely beyond me. Brilliant simple production and a truly beautiful vocal.

The Brand New Heavies - Back To Love  
One of the most memorable records from my first visit to The Hacienda, I immediately championed this remix from it’s release in 1994. It later became the inspiration for a club night I ran and then a CD series on Hed Kandi. One of my top 10 classic house records.

Stonebridge Ft. Therese – Put Em High  
I was sitting having a drink at a music conference in France when I was introduced to a producer called Sten Hallstrom also known as Stonebridge. I was in awe of this legendary producer but asked him why all is tracks were remixes and why no one had asked him to make his own album. His answer was “because no one has asked me” so I did and when it was delivered I picked this track as the first single. Put Em High went to number 3 in the UK charts and equally high positions around the world.

Fac15 Ft Cathi Ogden – Stay With Me Til Dawn  
I teamed up with Chris Bemand and Cathi Ogden to make tracks as Fac15. our first effort was a cover of a Judie Tzuke classic that featured on the third “Serve Chilled” album. It’s since become a bit of an Ibiza anthem and I played it at Sunset this year at Savannah in Ibiza … still sounds amazing!

The Fierce Collective Ft Soraya Vivian – If You Could Read My Mind  
One of our fiercest divas is Soraya Vivian she regularly records and tours with us and is part of the Fierce family. I needed a key track for her to sing at all our gigs so we went into the studio with Richie Jones (Degrees Of Motion) to produce this Studio 54 classic.  

The Fierce Collective Ft Eric Kupper – The Way It Is  
I’m fairly sure I was one of the first to play this version of this track in a club, The Bruce Hornsby original was covered by Brothers In Rhythm but the best version was a little known instrumental on a b side of a Bruce Hornsby record that was never a hit. The amazing dub version on the B side on “Long Valley Road 12”” was incredibly hard to find (I still have 3 copies) and we decided to recreate is faithfully as “The Fierce Collective” totally Balearic piano vibes !

Thanks a bunch for this amazing selection, Mark! Catch him at Karma Beach Club on Sunday, 7th October!