The Inspirations Series with DJ BABU

The guys and girls at Waterbom in conjunction with Bubblegoose Indo are at it again! Last month they had one of the most iconic names from Hiphop in Lord Finesse and this month they are at it again with another legend, this time from the world of scratching… DJ BABU!!!

Dj BABU has almost God-like status when it comes to the forgotten art of Scratching… the technical test of a TRUE DJ… the Shaolin Monks of DJ’ing… DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

Ably supported by Jeremy Sole from LA we asked Babu to do an in inspirations series with a difference, we asked BABU to pick some of the top examples available online of the masters at work when it comes to Turntablism and with legends like Q-BERT, MIX MASTER MIKE, CRAZE all making the cut… you need to check this shit out and make sure you are their on Saturday 29th September for what was a sick party last time out and bound to be every bit as good again!!!


The guys at Waterbom have also given us 3 prizes to giveaway for this awesome event with a difference!

1st place will win a Premium Gazebo including 2 ALL DAY Passes AND a couple of complimentary drinks worth!

2nd Place will win 2 Passes to the event (4pm onwards) and 2 drink tokens! 

3rd Place will win 2 Passes to the event!

To enter simply follow @secretbalilife and @waterbombali on instagram and send us a message via instagram with what your DJ scratch name would be… like Mix Master Mike or DJ Jumping’ Jack and we will pick the names we think are the best or the funniest!

Deadline for the competition is Thursday, 27th September at 1pm. Good luck, peeps!


Here's his top 5 picks of his favourite DJ Routines:

Mixmaster Mike and DJ Q-Bert 1993 DMC World Finals 
Easily my favorite, this routine had such a huge impact on me. It completely confirmed to me that the turntable was a musical instrument. But even more importantly, mike and Q raised the bar in terms of scratching. This was the first time most people outside of the Bay Area heard the “Flare” scratch. Completely mind blowing, I can watch this over and over.

 1992 Dmc USA Finals
When I got a hold of this video tape, it remained on repeat for at least a year, literally. Not only did it feature the rocksteady DJ’s (q-Bert, mixmaster mike and Apollo) but it also included 2 of my other huge influences Roc Raida and Rob Swift of The X-Men. This year really did a lot in terms of defining my style, it made me wanna scratch like a pickl and beat juggle like an x-man!

DJ Alladin 1989 DMC Worlds
Being a DJ from the west coast, especially from Southern California, we were heavily influenced by the kday mixmasters. The legendary crew of djs set the bar for DJs in LA and around the world. DJ Alladin was my personal fav. At the time it might’ve went over people’s heads but he really laid down a lot of the foundation for advanced scratching and beat juggling. One of my fav memories from this performance was when he throws on ice t’s “colors” and starts throwing crip signs up! WEST SIDE!!!!

DJ Craze 1998 DMC USA Finals
I remember being at this battle we (The Beatjunkies) were there to do an exhibition but we were also there to support our fam Shortkut. This was a pretty big deal to us because it was like short was coming out of retirement to battle again (he never retired but it had been a long time since he had competed) short went up there and did the damn thing, pretty flawless, a lot of innovation, and he rocked the crowd, but nothing could prepare any of us for DJ Craze. Craze went up there and just demolished the set, raising the bar for generations to come. I had known craze for a while already but he really came back this year on a whole other level. In fact he went on to win the world title and managed to defend his title 2 more times.

DJ Q-Bert 1991 DMC Worlds
I know I’ve mentioned him a lot but Q was and is the GOAT. When I saw this video it really inspired me, beyond the sheer skill and originality, it was the first time I saw a Filipino American doing their thing. Up until then most of my idols were African American or Latino, so seeing someone who looked like they could be my cousin on a world stage, serving cats, super inspired me to want to become a DJ.

Enjoy DJ Babu's top 5 DJ Routines. Hope it inspires you as much as it inspires him!