The Inspirations Series with Eric Duncan


Born and bred in LA, Eric Duncan moved to New York in the 90’s to team up with former Sun Down Circle guest Thomas Bullock as one half of the legendary Rub’n’Tug outfit. Famous for rocking clubs and loft parties with their eclectic sets that always had Disco at their core.
Eric has worked in several guises and partnerships in recent years be it as one half of the aforementioned Rub’n’Tug, Still Going for DFA, The Rythmn Odysssey and Dr. Dunks or most recently working on an anolog project with Justin Van Der Volgen as Happy Family.
Whether performing alongside one of his partners in crime or on his own, as he will be this weekend, Eric is synonymous with throwing down epic sets across the globe and we expect nothing less this weekend….
When we asked Eric to give us his inspirations, as ever we asked for 5 tracks, but he said his head was whizzing with so many great pieces of classic music he could only get it down to 7…  and if we didn’t go to press immediately he would probably be forced to send through another selection… Clearly a bonafide music lover and a great eclectic selection!

WAR - All Day Music - 1971
Ok... War is probably my favorite band. And this is the title track off my fave WAR album. This whole LP does it for me but, if I have to pick one tune it may as well be All Day Music.

Sylvester and the Hot Band - On Your Way Down - 1973
I love this cover of Allen Toussaint’s 1972 New Orleans classic. Sylvester steps in a year later and replaces The Meters with The Hot Band for a more uptempo sleez-rock version… And come on.. It’s Sylvester!!!

Ray Barretto - Acid - 1968
Another great album front to back. Acid is the standout tune though.. What a baseline!! And that hypnotizing trumpet, played by Rene Lopez. I got turned on to this record in the early 90’s by Mario Caldato and later in NYC, I became friends and played salsa parties with Rene Lopez Jr. (son of the trumpeter) “Yea Rene, go on baby!!”

Giorgio Moroder - Evolution - 1978
What can I say about this masterpiece. I first heard this tune in the 90s on an old cassette recording from Paradise Garage. I couldn’t work out if Larry was playing 2 records back n forth or what the hell was going on. The arrangement is sooo good. Layers and layers.. I really enjoy this!!

Peter Green - Tribal Dance - 1979
This entire album is killer & so is Peter Green.. . Tribal Dance is so groovy and great for the dance floor… . I’m not even sure how much Peter Green even played on this album but it’s good listening either way. Check out PETER GREEN ‘MAN OF THE WORLD’ FILM. RECOMMENDED!!

Tyree - Acid Over - 1987
One of my all time favorite tunes. This one gets me every time. So simple & emotional as f**k!! … Nuff said.

Public Enemy - Bring the Noise - 1987
My first ever concert was LL Cool J with opening acts, Davy D & Hurricane and a fairly new group Public Enemy at the HollyWood Palladium in 1987. I remember standing in the audience when they took the stage sounding like nothing anyone had heard before. People looking around like “who are these dudes" The crowd was made up of LL Cool J fans. But me & my friends were there to see Public Enemy. PE only had one album out and we had it. 
This tune 'Bring the Noise' was their new single and was on the ‘Less than Zero’ soundtrack. So it was getting a little radio play on some of the “alternative” stations. But when Public Enemy dropped that “BASS!! HOW LOW CAN YOU GO!!…” The Palladium went INSANE!!
I can’t mention Public Enemy without their heart & soul (producers) Eric ‘Vietnam’ Sadler & Hank Shocklee aka The Bomb Squad… Best in the business in my opinion….

Enjoy the great selection!