The Inspirations Series with Darren Emerson

This Saturday Ulu CLiffhouse presents you their weekly Saturday session... Love On The Rocks with the extremely well renowned, Darren Emerson. If you missed his performance last weekend at Karma, here is your chance to see the man again playing the best electronic music and more accompanied by island favourites, Carlo Davids and Thess Fischer.

Darren Emerson is an electronic music legend famous for being the driving force behind the electronic music legends Underworld. Darren left Underworld to pursue a very successful solo career as a DJ, producer and remixer of some legendary acts including Bjork, The Chemical Brother, Sasha and Depeche Mode.

Most recently he has been producing epic tracks as The White Lamp which many of you will be familiar with, and for 2018 Emerson is planning to mix things up yet again, with his brand new quarterly compilation series and party 'EVOLVE'. Released on September 28th 2018, Emerson's first outing in the series takes an introspective look at his musical legacy as one of the industry's leading house and techno artists and charts his succession an artist.

 Therefore he clearly knows his music and we asked him to give us his Inspirations selection of tracks that have inspired him over the years as and you can imagine its an extremely strong selection taking in The Beach Boys, a 1984 classic seen by many as a fore runner to House Music and some other electronic inspired gems…

Here are some of his influences ..

Stylistics - People Make The World Go Round
My Mum and Dad were big soul fans as many Essex people were :) And one of the bands they were into was The Stylistics. This track stands out for me as it was played a lot. It is such a great tune with amazing lyrics. About real life and people. And you cannot fault the production. Love the strings and flute. I’m a sucker for epic tracks that just go and go and this is one of those.

The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
Another band I loved when I was a kid was The Beach Boys. I was intrigued by the wobbly sound that bloke made with a metal rod :) Of course not forgetting the harmonies and the way Brian Wilson managed to take this track on a little excursion. Love it. Still sounds amazing.

Serious Intention - You don’t Know
Definitely up there as one of my all time favourite tracks. Just perfect. Love the effects on this. The delays, pitching up the vocal. It's just great. I suppose you could say one of “those” many tracks that started House music.

Adonis - No Way Back
I could put so many early Chicago tracks up on here, because the list is endless, but instead I went for Adonis..This is what one would call “jackin”.. Thanks to Jazzy M for getting me jackin every Tuesday and Thursday night on LWR pirate radio and also selling me endless House and Techno jams when I was a wee nipper.

Manuel Göttsching - E2E4
A true masterpiece. What a groove. The way things keep moving with the step sequencers. Love it. I bet he was well happy once he made this. This song had a big influence on me. Especially the hypnotic groove, it's non stop. We would call that trance back then.