Revealing Bali's Secret - The Dog Nest

Revealing Bali’s Secrets is our little gift to you, where we reveal some great deals, places or things to check out and this week we are looking at a super cool little gadget for your bike if you are a dog lover called The Dog Nest.

The Dog Nest is a neat little contraption that fits to nearly every scooter and can be custom made for that extra little touch of class and enables you to carry up to 3 dogs on your bike to the beach, the park or wherever you and your dogs want to go with no fuss whilst looking pretty slick at the same time.

If you have particularly large dogs the Nest can be tailored to fit as well. Also handy for carrying shopping or water gallons as it takes less than a minute to assemble or re assemble. There is also a mini version on the way which is no wider than your handlebars so manoeuvrability through traffic is as easy as it ever was.

Test drives are welcome and the guys are more than happy to answer any questions if you contact them on the details below, and also keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram for product updates and Dog Nest related news and info!
They are 4.5M IDR and will make a big difference to both you and your dogs lives if you have had problems getting them on a bike before!

You can WhatsApp The Dog Nest crew to this number : +62-812-4653-0975

Your Drive, Their Ride!