The Inspiration Series with Lord Finesse

CALLING ALL THE TRU HIP HOP HEADS OUT THERE… who would have thought that Waterbom would come out of the blue to become one of the hottest venues on the island when it comes to incredibly cool bookings! 

Some of you may have missed out that DJ Vadim dropped into Bali a few weeks ago, but this weekend Waterbom in conjunction with Bubblegoose Indo have another HUGE booking if you love quality Hip-Hop. Everyone knows the golden age of Hip-Hop was the 90’s and one of the leading lights of this era was the rapper and producer LORD FINESSE…. Yes LORD FINESSE is coming to Bali!

For those of you who don’t know about the Lord you probably do but you just didn’t realise it… He has produced and performed on and with some of the biggest tracks and artists of the genre. To give you an idea of how sick this cat is we asked him not for one but TWO separate Inspirations selections…

The first one is a straight up selection of 5 of the illest cuts from the golden age of Hip-Hop and includes some major gems from the likes of The Notoriuous BIG, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Tribe Called Quest and a personal favourite of our editor at Secret Bali Life… Big L who Lord Finesse himself helped to discover and give to the world… Thank you sir!

Slick Rick - Mona Lisa
I remember the first time hearing this. I was completely blown away because I never hear someone tell a story and rhyme with an effortless flow & style.. The way he broke down his name was pure genius. “It doesn’t matter see I’m not picky, let me spell out my name out for you it’s Ricky. R. Ravishing. I. Impress C. Courageous so I care less. K. for the kangols which I got. That I wear everyday & Y.?? Why not..

Big Daddy Kane - RAW
I think this was the record that took Kane to a different dimension compared to all the other Rap artist at the time. The track was incredible. Very horn driven over a undeniable uptempo James Brown track that impressed everyone from other MCs to DJs to people on the dance floor. Everything about this track was explained by the title “RAW”.

A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
One of my all time favorite Tribe Called Quest songs. From Beginning to end this track is so mesmerizing. From the Intro with the spaced out sounds over the drum loop to the funky bassline to the implementation of the melodic guitars. One of many tracks off the Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Marauders that catapulted the group to the next level from a production and a lyrical standpoint. My favorite Tribe album period.

Notorious BIG - Who Shot Ya
I had the honor of working with BIG on his debut release “Ready to Die” So I’ve personally witnessed the transformation, from the rugged unorthodox style street style to concentrated dominate flow with polished performance and vocal presence like no other. This was the record that along with the “One More Chance” Remix that laid the path for him to being one of the best in the game. He showed could switch from being the player to a lyrical enforcer in a New York minute.

Big L - Ebonics
I was blessed to discover Big L. I watched his style develop from him rhyming to me for the first time, to his first demos, to him being signed to Sony, to him deciding to release his music independent. When he decided to release his music independent he had a vision and the freedom to truly do the music he wanted without having to answer to an A&R or Label. Ebonics took him 2 years to put together because he wanted every verse to be as incredible as the last. Originally the concept is to be different from anything out in Hip Hop at that time. Definite classic to this day.


Then as a bonus Lord Finesse has also offered up a bonus selection of records he recommends for the crate diggers with some of the finest tracks ever to have been sampled in HipHop….. ENJOY and don’t forget you can catch the man at Waterbom this Saturday night where the park will be reopened, free of kids for a late night session with a difference!

Monk Higgins - Extra Soul Perception (Album)

Electric Prunes - Release of an Oath (Album)
Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution
Brethren - Outside Love
Dizzy Gillespie - Matrix
Dizzy Gillespie - Summertime 1970

So there you have hit, some MIGHTY cuts from one of the best, from the golden era to the diggers delights, we hope you enjoyed it and if you did please remember to go check him out at SOL SESSIONS VOL.4!