Music From Memory/Sun Down Circle: Preview and Competition

There is a great deal of chat on the island amongst the clued up music fraternity about a little happening at Potato Head this Sunday as we see the welcome return of the uber cool Sun Down Circle in a collaboration with Amsterdam record label, Music From Memory with special guest Michal Turtle.

This is some genuine high quality music not to be overlooked if it is something new to you. Music from Memory was started a while back in Amsterdam by three music lovers two of whom, Jamie Tiller and Tako, will be performing at Potato Head on Sunday. Music from Memory finds obscure sounds of the past that feel refreshingly relevant to today’s ears. Something for the real diggers out there for sure!
Tako and the collection of vynils

As if they needed any more kudos these guys are also behind the extremely respected Red Light Radio and Red Light Records, two other beacons of quality when it comes to top draw European music. To give you a taste of what may go down we asked the guys to come up with a selection of tracks that they are particularly proud of that have been released on their Music From Memory back catalogue…. And its pretty fucking epic!
The Red Light Radio studio in Amsterdam

Gigi Masin - Call Me
I first discovered Gigi Masin’s music through this Youtube clip, at a time when we were exploring a lot of the ambient music produced in various European countries. Obviously it made a big impact on me and my friends and getting in touch with Gigi and discovering all the work he’d made and nobody had heard was a big catalyst for starting the label.

The System - Find It Your Eyes
The System was a long time favourite of ours, dug up many years before by friends in France. Weirdly though many copies seem to have made it to Holland so it was something you found now and again and it was always just in the cheap bins for a few euro.

Actually we were in touch with the technician of Bob Lamb's studio for a number of years before - trying to make it happen. Eventually we convinced Bob to take part and he told us there was no unreleased material much to our disappointment. When the CD came through though there was this track on ‘Find It In Your Eyes’ and I was like what was this on the LP and I just never noticed it?! It’s amazing! The truth was it appeared only on the CD version and tbh Bob wasn’t really sure what was on the LP release haha.

Suso Saiz - Un Hombre Oscuro
Suso Saiz made a big impact on us then we discovered his music and it was amazing to be able to gather work of his from across his LPs for a compilation, we discovered through our conversations though that he had made much much more music than we imagined and as well as some incredible cassette only releases was this amazing track from a CD only album of live recordings made between 1990/1994.

Kuniyuki Takahashi - Echoes Of The Past
From a musician primarily known as a dance music producer these come from a period before and for me are up there with some of the most revered Japanese electronic / ambient works of that period.

Richenel - Autumn
This one still gives me the chills. Everything is so right about this track, raw emotional boogie funk from the drug fuelled Amsterdam arts scene back when the city was as cool as you like. If you can speak Dutch the spoken word intro is great too.

As if that was not enough, we also have 4 free tickets, a bottle of Kettel One Vodka and a daybed at 6pm on offer for one lucky winner to enjoy at the gig. Who can tell us the name of Michal Turtle’s 2018 album release on Music From Memory…

SEND YOUR ANSWER TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. THE DEADLINE IS FRIDAY MIDDAY AND THE WINNER WILL BE NOTIFIED VIA EMAIL. GOOD LUCK!!