Pacha Ibiza makes a welcome return to Bali

This High Season in Bali the level of talent coming through is set to go way beyond anything we have seen before. For years now many have talked of Bali as the next Ibiza but there are too many hurdles and differences between the two iconic islands for that to ever happen. And this is something that ironically, a brand from Ibiza, Pacha, has learnt and adapted to better than most.

Front entrance of the legendary Pacha Club in Ibiza

Bali for so many reasons has a very unique contemporary cultural tapestry which means to put on a successful event in Bali is a genuinely tough undertaking different to any other region in the world. Quite often a lot of the events you attend to may from the dance floor look to be a big hit, but often this is not the case, for the accountant anyway!
Many brands have come to the Island of the Gods, with what is genuinely a successful formula elsewhere, only to discover that round pegs do not fit into square holes.

Pacha’s co-promotion with Mrs Sippy, we are sure, is set to show what can be done by listening to Bali, and adapting yourself accordingly, shaving your round peg into a more square shape if you like. Throw into the mix the young up and coming Mrs Sippy residents Kaiser, Scotty Cal alongside Byron Bay's finest Discrow and you have a super strong line-up tailor made for the venue and this event in particular! Also Headlining in the night will be Taao Kross from Ibiza.

Mrs Sippy amazing pool and dancefloor in Seminyak

Having produced a very good one off festival event in Bali last year their offering this year is a very different beast. A series of 7 shows, in the heart of Seminyak, at Mrs Sippy, a venue with a track record of quality music events (Claptone/Doorly). With the likes of Cassius, Monkey Safari, and Tiefschwarz already confirmed with whispers of many more big hitters to come, a tricky feat within itself when competing with the European festival season.

They are kicking things off in style with the French legends Cassius headlining their launch event. Giants in the game, these guys were producing MC Solar tracks in the late 80’s FFS! With heavyweight hits such as ‘Cassius 1999’, ‘Feeling For You’, ‘La Mouche’ and of course ‘I Love You So’ they went on to become household names across the globe.
So the music and line-ups are better than last year that’s for sure, the venue is also more in tune with this style of event and the prices are extremely reasonable compared to some other events on the island during high season. We are 100% behind Pacha on this new improved recipe they are planning to shake and bake in Bali this Summer and strongly suggest you do too if you want a genuine, quality party in the sun!