influencer vultures: we examine the trend of fake influencers in bali

There is a growing trend across the world right now with the advancement of technology for Influencer culture. Someone with a load of followers on Instagram contacts an establishment and ‘kindly’ offers to take a picture in the aforementioned venue in return for money or free lunch… WTF IS THAT ABOUT!?

What has become of society that A) the end user will base his or her judgement on the say so of some freeloader in a bikini and B) that people who run these venues actually fall for this shit!

We do of course understand that there IS a value in GENUINE influencer culture, WHEN it is done right. For example if an influential and trusted food blogger eats in your restaurant and then posts saying it’s great food and highly recommended then yes, of course that would have a value in getting you a load of food loving followers in your virtual vicinity, should you have an attractive and interesting Instagram profile and even some paying customers but… and it’s a BIG but, THIS is the reality of the situation more often than not:

In places like Bali, and possibly nowhere more than Bali, we are suffering from a plague of totally redundant, free loaders, poncing about with an air of importance because they are willing to take a picture of themselves with not a lot on, in order to get you or your venue noticed by their ‘army’ of followers. Has it not crossed people’s minds that a sizeable portion of this virtual army are in fact either paid for and therefore most likely consist of some Indian dude in a call centre environment who spends his entire day liking and commenting ‘great shot’ on posts he has stopped even paying attention to through mind numbing boredom. Then there is the the other large segment of this ‘virtual army’ who are a load of sad old perverts from around the globe who basically like to crack one off to these Instagram accounts, because they amount to nothing more than soft porn, which in a lot of countries (for better or for worse), are about as hardcore as they can get their hands on, when they are not holding tissues obviously.

We really need to stand up to this new island wide issue and ask these people, who offer absolutely NO commercial, cultural or marketing gain to the mugs who sign up to their bullshit, to just fucking PAY for something for a change, and IF
they like it, just say so. How can you trust someone who posts positive comments for money anyway… YOU CAN’T!
The only thing sadder than a fake ass influencer, is a wannabe fake ass influencer and again, sadly, Bali is rife with these as well. We ALL know people who post on their Instagram desperate to get numbers rather than just creating a diary. Oh, here’s me playing piano or on a motorbike.. with nothing on! And it just so happens that as I post about ‘loving the remote nature of this spot’ there happens to be a professional standard photographer in the vicinity to snap my butt! 


Again, we repeat, to all the GENUINE influencers out there who have worked really hard to get themselves into a position where people value their opinion on fashion and food etc. or whom have also made enough money in their REAL jobs so that their opinion can NOT be bought for the same price as a Full English Vegan Breakfast including grass juice served in a hemp shot glass… continue as you were.

But to all the leeches and vultures filling up our feeds, inboxes and this beautiful island with requests to freeload in paradise in exchange for a shot of their pumped up silicone titties… this link is for you: