The inspiration Series with Nakadia

Nakadia is a true musical fairy-tale, if ever there has been one. Born in a rural Thai village with no running water you would be forgiven for betting your house, or villa, against the fact that she would one day be driving dance floors wild with her house and techno across the world in venues and locations such as Watergate in Berlin and some of Ibiza’s legendary nightclubs but this is exactly the story that has unfolded. 

 She discovered techno on a visit to Germany and never looked back. Free of the constraints of following her peers, as she clearly had none with her background, she developed her own unique style and this resulted in her getting the attention of European tourists in the popular party destination of Koh Samui in her native Thailand. One thing led to another very quickly and her journey has been meteoric to say the least and the next chapter is her anticipated Woobar gig in June!

Check out below Nakadia's selections of tracks that have inspired her throughout her career:

Azzido Da Bass “Dooms night” Timo Maas RMX 
This was the track that made me become a Techno DJ. It’s power made me feel like getting addicted to techno.

Emmanuel Top “Acid Phase” 
At one point in my career I fell in love with Acid tunes, and “Acid Phase” has become my most loved anthem that I play very often.

Patrice Baumel  “Lowrider”
Lowrider is the perfect mixing tune that I can play over any other record and make the dance floor go crazy. It has been on my plaits for years.

Me & Her “Lost” Nakadia RMX
My most successful production so far is this deep house tune that got over 1 million steams already. Even though I never played it in any of my sets, I still like to listen to it at home.

Underworld “Born Slippy” Andrew Meller RMX
I received this remix 2 years ago as a promo from the remixer. I was the first DJ to play it and it became one of the biggest tunes of the past years. Only a handful of Djs played this version until last week, when the track finally got released.