The inspiration Series with Araminta Waworuntu

Araminta is one of the true pioneers in Bali and a wonderful lady to boot. Unlike many on the island she constantly strives to deliver something different for audiences in Bali. She successfully, almost single handedly, built the wonderful Paris Cat Jazz Club into something truly epic with audiences wowed by Bali’s first true 100% dedicated Jazz joint.

She then moved on to a couple of other projects that involved programming all the great bands and performers she worked with, which in turn led to her to creating Lady Monroe Music. Lady Monroe Music is an independent promotions company that curates and produces shows with a different style, with live music always at their core. Whether its a tribute to one of the greats like Marvin Gaye or a straight up 1920’s music night… she always delivers!

Araminta is a girl who has a passion for live music, especially from bygone eras. She also knows how to produce a show, from the heart, with every detail thought about, from the microphone to her outfit, when you walk into a Lady Monroe Event its like being transported back in time and is always a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Being an Inspirations piece we asked Araminta what tracks inspire her and she gave us this selection which you can check out below:

Nancy Sinatra - Kind of a woman
I first discover Nancy Sinatra before I discover Frank Sinatra, Nancy introduced me to frank which then lead me to all the other jazz legends. I was 14 when I first heard this song, quite a representative of my personality. A little too naughty for a 14 year old.

Billie Holiday - You go to my head

The best Tribute show I ever heard was in Paris Cat Jazz Club Melbourne, in the basement stage a singer was Re-Imagining billie and the sound of this song's lyrics sound more enchanting than anything I ever heard in recorded versions. That was my inspiration to let the singers I work with expand their creativity in our tribute series.

King Crimson - Court of Crimson King

Before I had this much love for Jazz & Blues, my brother the frontman of Deep Sea Explorer was my bible to RocknRoll. He would fill songs in my phone and this track especially took RocknRoll & Music as I know it to another level.

Club Des Belugas - What is Jazz

There's still a concept I haven't achieved in bringing to Bali, which is the broad branches of Jazz in many different type of genres. Can't reveal much but this track definitely play a big role of reference to it.

Lauryn Hill - I gotta find peace of Mind

You know some songs just find the easiest way to communicate, that's what I call Soul music. Lauryn Hill is one of my top Inspiration. When we made her tribute concert, everybody cried, and laughed, and sang with power and genuinely.