Secret Bali Soundboys - #14 - Damian Saint

Damian Saint has been a major player on the music scene in Bali for longer than he would care to remember. A former resident at the Ministry Of Sound in Bangkok, tour manager for the likes of Sebastian Leger and Pete Tong, he is also no stranger to the studio having been producing tracks since 2008. 

As music director of the W he is responsible for all the great bookings down there and is also a key driver behind their incredible sound suite recording studio. Originally from England he is always up for a chat and a drink when you go to the W and is definitely one of the islands musical assets. 

Super busy as ever, it took us a while, but we managed to pin him down for a few questions…

How long have you been in Bali?

I’ve been in Bali for just short of 10 years now and its flown by.
I moved here in 2008 after finishing up a 7 year residency with Ministry of Sound around Asia (Bangkok, Taipei and Singapore). I ended up here by accident. I’d been invited over to play two gigs at Ocean Beach Club. On the second day Andreas Seider asked if I wanted a residency.I obviously took it. It was supposed to be a stop gap but once you’re in the island, it doesn’t let you leave.

How has the music scene in Bali changed in your time here and where do you see it going in the near future?

The scene here has changed dramatically since I arrived and for the better too. It’s growing exponentially and with giant players like OMNIA (shout out to Paul), Ulu Cliffhouse (shout out to Josh), Mrs Sippy and the ever expanding Potato Head gang there are no signs of things slowing down. Café Del Mar and even Sky Garden are opening beach clubs around here too… You do have to ask yourself when are there too many though. Is this the Asian Ibiza or will it ever be?

What’s your get out of jail free record – never fails to lift the crowd?

Chas & Dave – Rabbit and if that’s not working … Sasha – Xpander everytime.

What’s been your most nightmare moment as a DJ?

Waaaay too many list ranging from electric shocks and power cuts, to drunk people vomiting in the dj booth. I’ve seen a lot of stuff.

As the W’s Music director can you give us any clues or teasers as to what you have coming up at The W gig wise?

Come and see Mathew Jonson playing live this Thursday. It’s his first time in Bali.
The annual SPF line up is confirmed too and it’s going to be amazing. July 28. Make a note people.

Rumour has it you live in the Sound Suite at the W Bali… what happens in there and is there anything interesting in the pipeline our followers should know about?

When we first built the Sound Suite you could say I pretty much lived in there, a bit like a studio version of Gollam coming out for air, food, water and to visit family occasionally.
I do spend a hell of a lot of time in the studio running and engineering recording sessions and it doubles as my office. Let’s say it’s the command centre for all things musical for W Bali.
Expect more master classes, podcast sessions and more in the near future.

What do you do in your spare time when you are not spinning records?

Spare time?

Who would be your 3 ultimate dinner guests dead or alive?

Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Lee Stone…
Conor McGregor if we have an extra seat….right next to Lee.

If you could change one thing about Bali what would it be?

When you go into a minimart, Circle K or whatever …and they offer you a plastic bag for your 1 x pack or cigs or can of coke or something that’s already wrapped in plastic. Say “no thank you”.
When you’re given a straw at a cafe, warung or hotel and it’s unopened, leave it unopened and don’t use it.


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