Secret Bali Soundgirls - #13 - Mistral

This weeks Secret Bali Soundboy features a Secret Bali Soundgirl... DJ Mistral! One of the nicest people on the island and she has a wealth of experience on the music scene here. She has a love of bass music and non commercial music and events and is behind some great little happenings.

We managed to pin her down from her busy schedule of DJ'ing, surfing and making Batik to find out what makes her tick and her own Bali secrets!

How long have you been in Bali?
Lived here about 18 years now.

What’s your get out of jail free record – never fails to lift the crowd?

What’s been your most nightmare moment as a DJ?

Getting booked for a hip hop night due to a miscommunication between booker and venue owner. Argument ensued with venue owner and leaving the DJ booth not long after.

What is it like being a female DJ in Bali, what are the positives and negatives?

Thankfully I get booked to play music not because i'm selling any boobs, thats how I imagine it to be and I dont think that really sets me apart from the boys. Only negatives is that there is not enough girls I think.

What do you do in your spare time when you are not spinning records?
Woodworking, gardening, making batik (new hobby now) and Surfing!

Jasmine's latest creation, Batik Perisai specific to her hometown Kalimantan

What is your favourite music to listen to at home?
Depending on my mood, cleaning up house mood will be drum n bass. Then gardening will be trip hop, chillout and jazz.

You are well known for your passion for drum ‘n’ bass and bass music in general, how did that come about and what's the scene in Bali like for stuff like that?
My cousin Guillaume would always play Dieselboy at home when we were teenagers, so that was the first introduction and then in 2005 when I was introduced MC Drift, he gave me a cd of other DnB dj's for me to listen too before I started playing a DnB gig once a month with him MC-ing and guest DJ's representing the DnB scene from all over asia. The scene always has its ups and down and convincing venues that it's an important scene to support has always been a challenge, so I'm really grateful for all the venues and people that have been supporting the music all this time.

If you could change one thing about Bali what would it be?
We need proper public transportation, reduce the traffic and unnecessary motorbike accidents.