Tuck & Trap - A Secret Bali Secret

Tucked away on a quiet road in Kerobokan is one of the islands best kept secrets. I discovered the spot by chance on the way back from a drive from Ubud many moons ago, when I came across this graffiti clad container that was serving coffee, I was feeling a bit tired from the drive so stopped to check it out and had the pleasure of meeting the proprietor and some of his friends and it was one of the best decisions I made in Bali. I had discovered Tuck & Trap... 

One of the guys behind the concept coffee store, who asked to remain anonymous, as he believes in the collective and is also very modest, is one of the unsung heroes on the island. His deep rooted passion for local and alternative contemporary music is really infectious. Along with his two business partners, they have created something so pure, organic and creative it is no wonder that over a period of time since they opened, it has become a much loved spot for the local creative community.

One of many musical and artistic happenings taking place upstairs in Tuck & Trap 

Between them they have created a small but invaluable mecca for local boys and girls who crave the alternative, a break from the norm and something fresh and different when it comes to music, art and just hanging out together.
They regularly hold cool experimental music nights, film and documentary screenings and other happenings all aimed at giving the local community somewhere to hang out and enjoy contemporary culture at its best but more importantly to get involved, to create, to join in, experiment and enjoy each others work. They also house one of the islands very few vinyl stores, Badung Digs, adding to the cool factor of the spot and the people involved 

An upcoming series of events at Tuck & Trap supporting the truly underground Noise scene 

We spoke to the guys briefly about the venue, their plans and what the future holds for Tuck and Trap and the island itself… 

When did you open Tuck and Trap and what was your vision when you opened it?

It was around 2 years ago when we first discovered that the space is up for rent. It was around the same time when we first realised the need for a space for us and our friends to perform and to try things, especially our friends who come to visit from the outside of the island.
There was no clear vision when we first started. It was organic by nature. We just keep on doing what we are doing despite the ups and downs, and here we are now. It’s not a top-selling venue for events with high-tech equipment, nor a top-ranked cafe on TripAdvisor with the fluffiest cakes and all. But it is more than enough for us and our friends to hold gigs, to discover new sounds, make new friends, to not give a fuck about the mainstream and to grow as individuals and as a group.
You have been running some pretty cool underground little music based evenings there, tell us about what goes on and when our followers can come down and check one out next? 

We’re not sure if its cool since we don’t want anyone to expect anything. We got gigs and movie screenings every month, but we are about to hold our biggest one yet this month. It is a 4 day mini experimental/noise festival called Chaos Non Musica, it will be held on 11th-12th & 25th-26th this month. We are having friends from across and outside of the country to play with us here as a celebration of what we have accomplished in Bali.
You guys are the go to place for events that focus on the incredible Noise scene in Bali. Can you please tell people who are not familiar with that scene what it is all about?

We don’t speak for the entire scene, but what we know is that it’s basically a place and time for friends to try things, to experiment, and to possibly grow. What you’ll see when you come down is not only performances from certain performers, but also a supportive community that helps co-writing the story behind the process of how performers could reach and share certain sounds, compositions, gears, and noises. If that even makes any sense.
You also have a cool little vinyl record store at T&T don’t you. Tell us more about that and vinyl culture in Bali and Indonesia?

Yeap, Badung Digs. It goes along really well together with everything that we are doing. Together with fellow local DIY labels, Ohoi Records and MoeMoe Kyun!!!, we will be releasing a compilation for Chaos Non Musica on the day of the event, consisting of tracks from the contributing performers.
The vinyl culture in Bali and Indonesia is definitely growing. But we are trying to reach out for more alternatives such as cassettes, CDs, and digital tracks for the sake of productivity and to keep our spirit to create burning.

What are the future plans for Tuck & Trap?

It’s not to be shared with the public. But if you come down, share stuff, have a little chat about how you and us could start a riot, then maybe we’d share our future plans, possibly with you in it.